About Us

Village Floral is a charming shop located in Grantsburg, WI; featuring a full-service floral department, a wide variety of home decor, gifts.

All of our floral designs are original concepts or made-to-order to your liking. We strive to put together arrangements that highlight each flower's individual colors, petals, and shape.

We know that flowers can do so many things - they can show happiness, love, congratulations and sometimes sympathy. I've seen it time and time again, a simple gesture such as giving or receiving a unique flower arrangement can completely turn somebody's day around. That's why we love what we do.


"Katie did am amazing job on the flowers for my sister's additional wedding. She was very enthusiastic about the project, had awesome insight into what I was envisioning in my head and she made it all happen! I would highly recommend her for events! Thank you so much, Katie, for making my sister's wedding day brighter!"

- Abbie M.

Say it with Flowers


Flower Subscription Service

You know that you are going to order a flower arrangement on Mother's Day, your anniversary, and your wife's birthday on the same day every single year; so why not go ahead and place your order ahead of time and only have to do it once a year?

The idea came to me after (Maybe have Katie elaborate a little more on this one).

The subscription service works by entering the dates, your budget, and any additional notes like flower and color preferences. (Katie can elaborate more here, as well).


Not sure where to start?

Sometimes ordering flowers can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is to start by having a budget in mind. If you are able to give us a number to work with, we can help navigate through what will be the best option for you based on your budget, flower requests and size. Whether it’s a hanging basket, a patio tub, or a fresh arrangement - we can make sure you get exactly what had you envisioned without going over budget.


"Love It when I hear from Katie because I know something beautiful is coming my way. Her bouquets are exquisite."

- Joy P.